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 Killer Bee

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Killer Bee


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ПисанеЗаглавие: Killer Bee   Съб Окт 02, 2010 12:48 pm

Име: Killer bee

Години: 14

История: From the age of five, Bee has been best friends with Motoi, who he always greeted with a fist bump. After the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox lost control and killed Motoi's father, it was sealed inside Bee with an Iron Armor Seal. Soon afterward, Bee suffered from similar prejudices and angers that the villagers of Konohagakure did against Naruto Uzumaki.

However, he kept smiling and pushing himself to be the best jinchūriki that he could be, so his brother, the Fourth Raikage, wouldn't be hurt politically. Motoi tried to kill Bee, believing it would also kill the Eight-Tails and avenge his father, but Bee disarmed him and didn't bear him any ill will, which led Motoi to not speak to Bee for thirty years from shame. Bee would later train with his brother on an island in the Land of Lightning, where there he would find the Falls of Truth. There he would learn how to control the Eight-Tails in the blink of an eye. Sometime since then, Bee has become beloved in Kumogakure as the village's hero, or, as Motoi called him, the Hero of Heroes.

Описание: (сини очи, руса коса) черни учила

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Одобрен си от Кумо , отиди в академията да се запишеш..

п/п не са кат отворим форума
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Killer Bee
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